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Unsolved Making Modded Halo 3 Maps in 2021?

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I'm the creator of the Halo Community Forge Mod on nexus that allows you to play forge on H3 the way I think it should have been made for map makers. It's a modified .map for currently the maps Foundry (warehouse.map) and Sandbox (sandbox.map) the problem lies right now that people using my .map can't save their .mvar (usermap save) to the default.xex of the games anti-cheat enabled version of the game. It will only save when you run the anti-cheat disabled version and if you have the exact same .map I've created. Every season the modded .map being created will be considered obsolete because of the game updating to a newer TU (Title Update) so I've resorted to getting an RGH and searching for what tools I can use to help me create modded usermap saves on the base game of Halo 3 on Xbox 360 and transferring those maps to MCC. I understand that these programs will not work as well as Assembly and modifying the .map itself considering I'm only modifying the usermap, but I can still make some type of modded map for when the Customs Games Browser is released.

The programs I've tried are Forge 2.7.exe and Sandbox.exe. Both are ok to use but have bugs that don't seem to be rotating the Pitch, Roll, and Yaw axis when placing exact coordinates of the editor_gizmo to replace with barriers such as box_m trough box_xxxl or wall_m through wall_xxxl. I've heard good things from the program Alteration.exe (DEGBUG Version) but any links I've tried to locate this file are corrupt or no longer a working link. If anyone has the download please let me know or if you want to be a part of the process on bringing Halo 3 back to life through the use of making modded maps for the community and have some ideas of what I could create with my friends.
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