Making a Heretic banshee in Mp

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    Putting a Heretic banshee in MultiPlayer
    In this short Tutorial I will show you how to swap the banshees in a map
    with functional Heretic banshees.

    Swapping the banshee.

    1. Open up Insolence, It's in the map editors tab of Ump V5.
    2. Open your map
    3. Click the "+" next to Hlmt
    4. Now find "objects\vehicles\banshee\banshee" and double click it to open it up.
    5. Click variation, now with the dropdown set to "0", double click the word default and make it say heretic.
    6. Now set the dropdown to "2" and make heretic say default.
    7. Close the map and Insolence
    8. Open your map in Dothalo.
    9. Now navigate to the Bitmaps tag group, and find swap the meta offsets of "objects\vehicles\bitmaps\banshee_plate", "objects\vehicles\bitmaps\heretic_banshee" (You may want to write them down on notepad to make it easier to remember.)

    Enabling the Bombs
    1. Open your map in Dothalo (if you haven't already)
    2. Scroll down and click the "+" next to weap
    3. Double click "objects\vehicles\banshee\weapon\banshee_gun" to open it
    4. Now click tag editor in the meta editor pane
    5. Now set the firing type dropdown to "1", and check the box by "L"
    6. Save changes, then minimize weap, and expand vehi
    7. Double click "objects\vehicles\banshee\banshee"
    8. In the tag editor uncheck "has boost"
    9. Save changes, fix encryption, Resign, and Ftp

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