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PC Xbox One PS4 "Make It Rain" Animation (Looped Action Glitch)

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto V Glitches' started by Blunt3d, Jan 11, 2019 with 2 replies and 1,271 views.

  1. Blunt3d

    Blunt3d 丂ㄒㄖ几乇ㄚ Ꮆ卂爪乇尺 Premium

    This glitch is just for fun or roleplaying!

    You are just constantly throwing money from your hand, even while doing other animations.
    You will NOT get any money from this glitch

    1.Go to anybody elses nightclub (NOT YOURS)

    2. Walk to bar (the corner of it not too far back or it will push you back) with interaction menu open on The "Make it Rain" animation.

    3. Press and hold your Action while walking to the back of the bar. It takes a couple of tries, but when you get the timing right, you will throw money constantly.
    The point is to start throwing money right when it pushes you away.

    Can do with other actions but wont stick after you leave nightclub ( only the money fx sticks )

    Also dont do the same animation or it will go away.
    Leaving lobby takes it away.
    Also if you DIE it goes away.
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    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  2. Nemanu

    Nemanu Newbie

  3. pistolwhipya420

    pistolwhipya420 Enthusiast

    Who else thought this was an actual way to make it rain.. like the make it stop snowing glitch.. lol.. nice one.. use this in the strip club
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