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Solved Lord of the Rings Conquest: Help with transferring Ps3 Dlc to the Pc version of the game, Is it possible?



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Hi, im a novice in this area so wanted to ask for some help, I have the pkg files of some ps3 Dlc and managed to open them with the ps3tools program so i now have the .bin & .pak & the level_info.dat files for the maps for the dlc etc. Is it possible to make them work for the pc version of the game? because we have a small community who have played for 12 years but were never able to add the dlc to the Pc version and would be great if we could add them.

I've tried just adding them to the "levels" folder in the games files where the maps files are located but nothing happened, also tried adding the level_info.dat file there aswell, also tried making a "DLC" folder and adding the files to it, but still nothing.

Sorry if it's a dumb question but im clueless on modding, probably it's not possible but wanted to try lol

The game is The Lord of the rings Conquest, couldnt find it in the game list before posting this thread.

thx for the help

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I could be mistaken but I doubt this is something that is possible to accomplish 1:1.

It could be possible with save wizard if it is compatible with your game.
You would transfer your save file from PS3 then import it into save wizard on your PC.
Resign the save and introduce it into your PC game.

This of course is completely theoretical as I can’t say for sure that it will work with either the game or transferring game files.
I figured it could be something for you to look into since there aren’t many options to do what you are trying to accomplish.
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