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Looking to join a good, active clan, take a look

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The HERO Clan
established 2009

We are looking for new members to expand our clan. Currently we have 100+ members on Xbox, and are looking to add more people to make up teams to play together on AW. We have everything for the casual player of AW to the Serious clan members that likes the clan life.

What we offer......
Clan Activities (Weekly events)
Clan Jobs and Leadership Roles
Contest for Prizes (Over $500 in prizes last year for our members)
Military Ranking System
Website and Social Media
100+ members
5 years as a clan
Level 25 Elite Clan
Diamond Clan Wars Ranking

We we look for in Members
A High KD around 1.00 or above
13 or older
That you pass a tryout that you play in multi-player matches with other HERO's
A Gamertag Name change to HEROx(?) is required 3 weeks or sooner after being accepted in the Clan.

Message me for more info or a tryout, my GT is HEROxWildman on Xbox 1
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