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Hey guys,

I'm actually IAmTheMessenger, but I deleted my email that was attached to my account, so I can't reset my password, but yeah I've been a member here for quite a long time despite the fact that my username only has like 1-2 posts.

I'm looking for a group or boosters for Swat. I'm an above average player with a 1.66 K/D 29 Skill, 35 XP, in 46 total games in the Swat Playlist. I think some of my losses may have came from messing around in Snipers or something, but either way, I'm looking for a group or couple of people who can help me get up in rank a little bit.

I'm available to play pretty much all night, just hit me up on my GT: JJNotStrike

If any boosters would be interested, I do have Horizon Diamond and I can offer some sort of mod or whatever service in exchange for some assistance.

Thanks guys!
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