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MW ?Looking For {PS4/PC Players} (Serious/chill Players)?



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Aight , Im get straight to the point

Me and my mates made like meme clan , well not like faze type stuff , just simple regiment clan based off an inside joke called , - ksme

we from the UK - if any of yall wanna know

We just play casually and tryhard when anyone runs their mouths if you know you know , but we have a habit of reking player who think theyre good , and on the daily just reking - Love weed to like who doesn't right

But we looking for more peeps to chill out and just play with and have a good laugh.

SO if you a chill person looking to play with people hit me up , and be decent at the game and have decent IQ playing , we aint playing with no faze wannabees or peeps who watch scump one time and think they pro (XD)
My Blizzard tag - if you cant add me send me yours.


Have a microphone
Speak English
Dont be a d$%$
Be chill person and be decent at the game
No kids
PS4 / PC only.

What we looking for -
I Do not Care about yo KD - that doesnt prove anything about a player
Just be good at the game and the basic IQ playing ,preferably under rated players
someone who can drop/Counter player any type of players campers ,spawnkillers , full clan formers , able to handle any type problems we matched up with.
I dont mind if your pubstomper , comp player , we just looking for chill people , who wanna play but who are decent at the game simple as that.

What we play-

Main modes
SND - Our main mode.
Any of the new 24/7 modes
Sometimes infected- gun game , etc when we bored.
Soon CDL.

Ladies And Gents Thanks For Reading


(Se7en Sins Staff if i have broken any rules here then i Apologise remove and inform me thanks)
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