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Tutorial Looking for people for B2b bogdan and to join me with my k.d boosting



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Looking for people to join me for b2b bogdan problems and to join me for my k.d. boosting jobs ive made.

-K.D. Boost job

I will launch k.d boosting job as "head to head" match from a playlist well were in same crew to gaurentee were on same side and spawn on the right team.
*Must have mic so i can explain how it works so you can do it on your own without issues after

-Bogdan heist b2b

Everyone knows the good old bogdan glitch, so we can easily replay the heist as many times as we want, for those who dont know ill explain below. If you have bogdan heist and are intrested in doing it back and forth wjth me or others comment your psn below.

-The bogdan glitch

You play the heist out to the end and as soon as the last cutscene appears after you land the avenger in the hanger. Your screen will flash a greenish blue color and the cutscene will start, when you see this "flash" the host of the hiest closes application, when the host rejoins online, the hiest will be playable again, the host does not get any money since they quick job before it could save to rockstar servers but other participants of the heist still get paid in full.

*Host should always keep their cut from bogdan at 15% as they do not receive money from doing this glitch
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