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Looking For Friends XB1

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None of my friends have Xbox One Yet so it gets very boring at times playing by myself especially playing Dom on bo3 and all your teammates have no idea how to cap flags and you're spawn trapped the whole game. So if anyone has a mic and isn't awkward af, add me lol.

I play Titanfall, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 on Xbox 1

On the 360 , GTAV Blacks Ops 2, Mw2 only

GT- BornBreadWinner

Also if anyone is doing paid or donation mod lobbies for GTA V on the xbox 360 I'm willing to pay, just need cash to buy cars lol. 
Mmm, and if you're a real JCole fan before 2014 forest hills drive , well get along good xD

"Cole under pressure, what that make diamonds"
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