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Looking for Forza 4 Game Save Modding



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Zup guys,

Today i'm posting for have informations about forza 4 modding, because long time ago i post here my gamesave for forza 3 for someone mod my money and the save working great, working online and i wasn't ban of turn 10 server.

Last week i try to mod myself my forza 4 save with the "MxS Forza 4 Editor 1.1". I'll make some race, spend many money on differents cars for it look like more as a normal save before connect to xbox live. But i was ban fews days after and during the days can't buy anything on sales.

So i will ask you before to make mod a new save on a new profile, what is the best tool for mod forza 4 save (also why not horizon) for not be ban online. Vouches of people who as save modded and play online and can buy on sales are welcome.

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