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    hey all im looking for someone who can bridge me host in team swat for a few games... or until i get my 50. lol thats a new one. im at 47 right now and like 100 wat xp so it should be fairly fast to rank up.

    quite honestly im very tired of not pulling host at all, (like 10 games out of 200), and i see no reason why. I have been in many games where the host was extremely laggy when my connection could clearly have handled it better (ie 6 people in NA, 2 in AUSTRALIA, aussie gets host...wtf)

    also i would like to say that i do not not have anything to offer so plz help me out of the kindness of your heart... and if u can give me host in team swat i will not need to be carried lol.

    for those who will help add x Ep1c m0nKy x

    thanks :cool:

    EDIT: as a side note if anyone knows why i cant pull host or what i can do to get it more (besides bridging) i would appreciate it.

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