Solved Looking for Borderlands 2 PS4 only Saves / No PS3 cross saving.

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    Hello! I recently bought Borderlands 2 again but for the PS4 this time around. And so I've wanted to get back into modding it again. Previously I had and modded Borderlands 1 and 2 on Xbox 360 and PC using the standard programs at the time but I understand it's not quite the same for strictly PS4 without cross saves.

    I'm aware that the most common way for people to have modded saves on PS4 has been through modding a PS3 save and cross saving it onto PS4. While I do have a PS3, I don't have the game on it and don't intend on buying it for it. I do however own Save Wizard for modding PS4 saves but unfortunately, it doesn't have Borderlands 2 yet.

    And so I figured I would ask around here if anyone has or knows where to find some PS4 saves for BL2 EU as all I can seem to find are PS3 saves to cross save with which doesn't help me in my situation.

    However, I have successfully been able to find a couple saves from one person to resign with Save Wizard and they have worked fine but don't exactly have what I'm looking for and personally, I would just like either some other options or more control over what I can get. I just can't seem to find anymore strictly for PS4, whether people just aren't uploading them or there are some complications I'm unaware of that prevent it.

    The saves I've been able to use so far had max levels for each character along with modded weapons, currency and badass rank. However, I'm personally not much of a fan of the modded badass ranks. Or at least the ones that go a little over the top of what the game intended. It's fun at first but I prefer either unmodded or at least modded to the normal max so that shooting your gun doesn't use all your ammo in a sneeze-like shot. I'm aware you can disable the badass bonus stats but most of them I do find fun, just the one or two I'd prefer not to have on.

    I'm also personally much more interested in the "item dropping" and sharing style of saves so that I can drop some fun or useful things for friends when playing such as eridium and golden keys to open the gold chest for friends that don't have enough keys etc. As well as max skills without crazy badass rank for personal play.

    So in conclusion, I suppose I have a couple questions to ask if anyone is able to answer.

    1. Is there somewhere I find some strictly PS4 BL2 character saves and profile data saves for EU that don't require cross saving from PS3?
    2. Is there a way I can mod my own saves, for example, max skills, golden keys, droppable items, that also don't require cross saving from PS3?
    3. Possibly related to previously mentioned things but either way. Is there anyone able to perhaps get a hold of some modded saves for PS3, cross save to PS4 then upload that PS4 save so that it can be resigned straight to PS4? If that's possible. Or perhaps just some way to take a modded PS3 save and convert it to PS4?

    Thank you in advance if anyone has any answers or advice to achieve what I'm after.
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  2. DOMIN8

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    1. Not too many people have done anything with uploading PS4 saves that I have seen. This is mostly due to the fact that you need Save Wizard to work with them and not many people have it. Also, the game is getting a little older and most people have sort of moved on to something else.

    2. There is no save editor for a PS4 save yet. Rick has stated that if there ever is a way to successfully decrypt and re-encrypt saves, he may be able to update Gibbed to work with PS4 saves.

    3. Your best bet here would be to pick up a used copy of the game or something and Cross Save stuff over to your PS4. Then grab those off there and maybe start a thread where you upload PS4 saves for people with Save Wizard. Maybe then other people would share their stuff as well.
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    Did you ever get anything going? And is it possible to get a master copy for eridium drops? Been looking for one for a while but having no luck.
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    Hi I've hist found someone with ps4 saves who's willing to change the region n resign the save does this mean I can copy straight onto my ps4 or do I still need a ps3
  5. ProtoBuffers

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    it depends on what you did. Did you send them your ps4 save (meaning they are using save wizard and you will get a ps4 save back)

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