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Looking for BO2 Clan

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What up Guys and gals my gt is UNL34SHEDVortex and my kd is 1.96 and rising I'm looking for a good clan that is mature and really wants to get somewhere in gaming on black ops 2 and all the other call of duty games I'm looking for a clan that has good communication,strategize and call outs.if ur interested in trying me out just MSG on xbox gt=UNL34SHEDVortex


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Revolution of Gaming (RoGclan.com) is a large gaming community (5000+ registered users) that was started in 2008. A community built by gamers who have a passion for playing video games as a fun and social activity. All built around a structure that is fit for never ending growth and to create social experiences that inspire action.

Some of the things we offer:
- Active Forums
- Weekly Events
- Competitive Teams
- Elite (Currently lvl 40) groups for premium and non premium elite members
- News and Event Staff
- Graphics Team
- Podcast Team
- Gamebattles and Clan Battles
- RoG Pro Youtube Channel
- "Rank" Structure
- Brigades to meet any timezones

A new member has the option to participate in the 'military like' rank structure. Not required, you can still join and just game as a gamer. The ranks give our community a simple, but enjoyable community experience. Members can socialize and participate in our thriving online community on Xbox LIVE and website.

No tryouts!!
You are not required to change your gamertag that is up to you.

Only Requirements to join are that you are mature,have a mic and can login/post on the RoG website with your fellow members daily!

If this sounds like it is for you click here http://www.revolutionofgaming.com/forum/forum.php?referrerid=8549 to be taken to the register page or go to RoGclan.com and create an account and use ( Blessed Sn1pez) as your referal and be a part of what the fun is all about.Be sure to verify your account with the email you used creating it.
Then post an application to join a Brigade or get in touch with me upon joining to get you situated.

Hope to see you there!

-RoG Express


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K Kyel Hey, I'm part of a clan called Iconik Gaming and we're looking for new members. If you're interested go to www.joinicon.com , select 'Join IG' and then 'Register' on the top right, pretty simple app really. We have a lot to offer for any type of gamer, casual or pro and are constantly branching out from COD to BF3, Halo, Minecraft etc. we are a community so there are no requirements other than you be older than 13, that's it! make sure to put your referrer as IG N3RO to speed the process up in the application, I hope to see you soon! With over 600 members active daily you'll have absolutely no trouble finding people to play with and we have over 5 elite clans who regularly do clan challenges!
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