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Looking for a Teammate/Members to help rank me up to 50

Discussion in 'Halo 3 Boosting and Matches' started by dahawaiiazn, Jul 17, 2009 with 2 replies and 213 views.

  1. dahawaiiazn

    dahawaiiazn Newbie

    Hey there,
    I'm a 45 Brigadier Grade 2 with a 41 in Team Snipers, a 45 in Team Slayers, and a 44 in Team Doubles. I've tried to pair up with some of my friends, but everytime we win, normally I carry them. Also, I've also tried randoms. Sometimes, they do work out and other times they don't. I'm good enough to keep my K/D spread above negative. I'm not one of those little kids either who get mad even if its their fault because they're sucking. I just want someone to help me rank up so I can feel comfortable with who I'm playing with and someone that's good enough to be around my skill (No, I'm not saying I'm good just saying that people out there aren't well...good enough to be called bad...). Also, I would really prefer someone of Brigadier skill level and up and someone who doesn't mind the fact that I can only play on the weekends and Friday. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon :thumbup: PM me on here and/or send me a FR on Xboxlive. I will be checking this site everyday.
  2. MahJaY

    MahJaY Enthusiast

    add me gt is in my sig.
  3. OMG iTz JeFF

    OMG iTz JeFF Newbie

    Rofl Mahjay u bk lol keep goin up nd down in swat 45 46 45 46 45 46 45

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