Looking for a serious boosting clan

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  1. NissantuneR92

    NissantuneR92 Newbie

    I was introduced to boosting in Domination today.. And love it :smile:
    I would love to find a good core group of people to be able to boost for hours.
    I am serious about it, I follow directions, I will NOT ruin the match, I boosted in 2 matches today, and for the 2nd match, I threw my grenades immediately so that I wouldn't accidentaly throw them. I also wasted all my ammo.
    I would love to be apart of a serious boosting clan.
    If you would like someone who is serious about it, friendly, won't screw things up, please add me: NissantuneR92

    PS- and just so I know who is adding me.. Please message me with your FR saying "boosting clan" or something like that.



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