Looking for a partner.

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  1. Nairod

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    No I'm not gay, but the title does read correctly.
    I am looking for someone who is decently skilled at halo 3, that can play team dubs with me for us both to get a 50 or so.
    No I am not asking for a free rank up, for you see I have a boosting account.
    My problem? I need a skilled player to play with.
    I can hold my own and have a ranked k/d of 1.1 from LW, and social 1.4 from Rumble pit, so that alone should at least be adequate to hit 50 with another booster.
    I want someone who also has a de-ranked account to play with, we could rotate on who uses their boosting account and who uses their 'to-be-50'.
    I'm also open to ideas if you have a better method, so try me at the very least.


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