Looking for a Doubles booster for my main. Paying 800 MS points

Discussion in 'Halo 3 Boosting and Matches' started by F4x, Feb 16, 2009 with 0 replies and 212 views.

  1. F4x

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    I'm currently a 44 in doubles, and have 1001 EXP. Yes, it is a lot and I know I won't level up extremely fast, but I know if will be faster than normal. I generally play with 50's (Most legit, I know some aren't though) and easily keep up with them, so winning shouldn't be a big deal as long as you're good enough.

    I currently DO NOT have the MS points, but I'll be going out to the store either later today or tomorrow to get a new play-and-charge, so while I'm out, I will pick some up.

    Just message me on XBL if you want to boost me. GT-F4 Eternal


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