Looking for a decent dubs partner to get our 50's

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    I'm only a 42 in dubs, (was a 47, then I started playing with a friend from school) but I do have a legit 50 in slayer, 48 in LW, and helped a friend get his 50 in snipes. I'm not paying you too boost me or anything of that sort, but if you're good and want to try and get your 50 (or already have one) just hit me up. GT: F4 Eternal

    I know 98% of callouts (I would say I know them all, but I know some people who make their own up and such) and I'm almost always laid back and chilled.

    Also, I'm not going to back out on you if we lose a couple. If I feel like I'm carrying you the entire time though, don't expect to be playing too many games with me.

    Anyways, like I said, just hit me up. GT: F4 Eternal.

    (Why do I always make such long post?)
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