Looking For A Couple Good People For Swat/Slayer/Etc

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    I had to start a new account because my last account was suspended and I cannot recover it. I sold my xbox for awhile and now I've started playing again. None of my friends play halo anymore so I've been forced to play with ****ty randoms for the past two days. I'm pretty good, my last account was a 44, with almost every playlist over 30. My current account is at a 13 with 22 matches played. I'm just looking for people who are pretty good and won't go -11 all of the time. lol. I mainly play swat, so I'd prefer to play that. My last account was a 41 in swat, so i can play the higher levels I just have to get re-adjusted.

    My current stats are here:
    Bungie.net : Halo 3 Service Record of JJNotStrike

    Add me and send me a message if you want to play, I'll be on all day long.

    GT: JJNotStrike

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