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PS4 Looking for a clan...or a brotherhood?

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Do you hate listening to whiny trolls in game? Do you log on and look for people to game with? Do you want a group of close friends, from around the world, to tell jokes about your mother while you die repeatedly trying to finish a mission? If you answered yes, read on.

The OLD MAN CLAN was founded in 2005. We are a Fraternity of middle aged guys that like to play just about every game made. We have members in the US from coast to coast, Canada, South-America, and Europe.

We do not play to compete or play against other clans. Our goal is to party and provide refuge for gamers over 30 (exceptions can be made for military). Imagine Animal House if it had a Playstation. We call each other BROTHER and mean it.

Because we strive to keep a drama-free group of immature adults, we do have a joining process. Fortunately for me, this process doesn’t require an ounce of gaming skill. It requires a sense of humor, a desire to get to know us, and a tolerance for drunks. The admission that David Lee Roth was is the true lead singer for Van Halen doesn’t hurt.

At the end of this process, you may become OMC. While this may not seem like much to you now, it will by the end of this process. You will find a brother in almost every game, or every place you visit in life. True story. This isn’t just a gaming clan. It’s a Fraternity with a gaming problem.

If this sounds like something you’re missing, then come check us out. We don’t recruit all year. Last year we only had one recruitment period. Recruitment is open NOW. This is your chance. Message me here or visit us at http://www.omconline.net Good luck. I hope you come out of the jungle.
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