Looking for a booster in SWAT (will pay Points)

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    Hi all,

    I'm currently at 45 in Team SWAT, which I've got pretty much on my own playing with Randoms as nobody on my Friends List likes SWAT.

    However, I seem to have got stuck at this level, as I win like 6 games in a row and not get to 46, lose one then drop to 44. Then win 3 more to get back to 45 :cursing:

    So, I'm basically looking for someone who can boost me in SWAT from level 45 to 50. I have 2 x 800 Microsoft Points available, the first of which will be emailed when level 49 is reached, the second will be emailed when we hit the magical 50.

    I will not be allowing ANYONE (no matter how trust worthy you are) to recover my gamertag, as I just don't think its worth the risk.

    My preferred method would be to play alongside someone (and possibly two of his buddies) who's a beast at SWAT (be that legit or standbying....whatever) in order to get to 50.
    Like I say, I'm a legit 45 in SWAT, so can hold my own. I won't go like -20 making everyone else lose. I very rarely go negative, and even if I have a real bad game its no more than -5. If I was playing with three other guys who were basically going to win the game by themselves, then I would be even more cautious, and NEVER go negative.

    Here's the stuff you need to know:

    GT: TG V1P3R
    Current SWAT Level: 45
    Current Total EXP: 743
    Location: UK
    Email: boostmeto50@gmail.com

    Thanks for reading guys. Anyone that would like to help, please either send me a PM, or contact me on my gmail account listed above.

    Anybody want to help me get 5 levels for MS Points?? Shouldn't take too long....

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