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Question Looking at getting a modded 360 for xbox live indie games (XBLIG) have questions and want to discuss.

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So I have been looking at getting an xbox 360 to play xbox live indie games, lots of them are really bad but a few were standouts and the marketplace for them got deleted in 2017 and a very large % of those never got ports or only got ported 1 time, delisted on that platform, even though looking through my purchases and download history they are not officially available after being priorly purchased.

I looked on a few buy-sell sites and one of the people I met tested a couple of the indie games and they were able to launch them from the dashboard, but not the Aurora, and there seemed to be something about you had to hit the xbox button on the controller and hit log into profile if you were trying to play them?
They said later they are able to get them going in aurora also I guess which aurora seems to have all the box arts with the names as opposed to on the 360 dashboard.

If possible on aurora i would want it use none profile or and offline one for save game files and similiar.
Can't i have like some fake profile on a USB or something, definitely don't want to hook this machine up to wifi or internet cables. I don't have plans to play like call of duty multiplayer on it for example.
Can i put xbox one controller in it and use that to play if i don't have a working 360 controller? (i think on 360 you have to plug in xbox one style controllers for them to read)

I just have to wait for them to configure it all now. and purchase.
Anything else I should to look into?
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