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PC Long Load Times + Occasional Infinite Load Screen + Controller Support

Discussion in 'Fallout 4 Support' started by Train Samurai, Dec 20, 2015 with 2 replies and 606 views.

  1. Train Samurai

    Train Samurai Banned

    Anyone else having this issue? No mods, Fallout 4 on SSD, and running a 980 build.

    I'm about 60% done the game with around 14 hours. My game seems to crash and take longer to load areas than it used to do.

    Edit: Load times vary from 40 seconds to infinite.

    I heard it's related to having a larger save data, but that would be a big bug in the game.

    Lastly, my controller seems to have stopped working with the latest patch, which is now causing the game to not detect my KB/M during the main menu. Effectively leaving me with no mouse cursor and control.

    What's up with these glitches? Anybody else experiencing them?

  2. Red58

    Red58 Enthusiast

    No I dont have this issue, can you try transferring the data to your Hard Drive? My friend said it moved strangely sluggish on his SSD.

    You dont have to delete anything, just use Steam Mover
  3. watto70

    watto70 Enthusiast

    Yeah train I've logged similar hours to you and the same issues that you've experienced have started to happen to me except my controller is fine and I'm not using a ssd just a standard drive

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