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Liteon Spoofed As Samsung. Reflash Help

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support Archive' started by ProdigalSon, Feb 5, 2010 with 0 replies and 795 views.

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  1. ProdigalSon

    ProdigalSon Newbie


    I have a Liteon 7 series Xbox drive which was Spoofed to a Samsung drive which was the original drive in my Xbox before it broke. It was last flashed at iexteme 1.6 but now the xbox is banned i want to add the non-stealth firmware so I dont have to mess about with the activation disc etc..

    I have never flashed a 360 drive before. My question is.

    Do I need to spoof it still to Samsung MS25 or can I go ahead and just copy the dummy.bin over to the non stealth Liteon firmware and write it from there? Now it's banned it won't be going online.

    By the way some other guy dumped the drive originally so i dont have my Original Firmware. If something goes wrong am I screwed?


    EDIT: Don't worry. I found the original firmware on BCG and have since flashed it with no issues. Mods can delete this now. Thanks

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.