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  1. 2 Chainz

    2 Chainz Enthusiast

    Need some help. I'm trying to open port 80 on the router. I type in and input the username and password. Then I go to gaming and accessories. Then I type Web in the box under port forwarding NOT triggering. I put Web 80 to 80 both and then I put IP and then I click Enable.

    I then save the settings and go to

    I type in 80 and hit check

    Then I get this error message......:

    Error: I could not see your service on on port (80)
    Reason: Connection refused

    or times it will say timed out instead of refused.

    I try and run utorrent. When I run uTorrent I get the red circle saying connection blocked. So I add the port to the port forward section on the site and hit enable and save and BOOM. uTorrent turns green and says Network is ok. Connection is like its suppose to be.

    So uTorrent works, but port 80 doesn't

    Any reason why it won't open. Also I called ISP they say their not blocking it and firewall is off.

    Any help please.
  2. Ibdc

    Ibdc Retired Retired

    Are you sure you're doing it for the right IP?
    Type: ipconfig /all
    Look at your (internal) IP Address, that's the IP you type in under port forwarding in your router setup.
    then the rest should be something like
    Application: ABC
    Start: 80
    End: 80
    Protocol: Both
    IP Address: The IP it showed you in command prompt
    Check enable, hit save settings. If it doesn't work immediately, try unplugging the router and plugging it back in.
  3. Haxalot88

    Haxalot88 VIP VIP

    Port 80 IS opened on your router, it works perfectly fine. See the problem is that this tool checks for a server on your connection. It's going to attempt to connect to a server on your IP address on the given port. For something such as a torrent, your client acts as a server for the P2P network, and is going to relay the messages thrown at it. For port 80, you need some sorta server to handle incomming connections that runs off that port (such as apache, check out XAMPP), and what this tool attempts to do is it looks to see if any outside connection can connect to yo server.

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