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    OK, after searching this whole site and searching google(which is hopeless btw.) I can't find what I need. So far I've added all the machines and controls from containment to coagulation and copied all the needed scnr chunks from containment coagulation. I placed the machines where I want them to be BUT...

    ingame I will walk up to the base switch but no option to activate the gate.

    I understand that I need to move the controls to the exact coordinates of the base switches but I don't know which control corresponds with what gate or how to edit the coordinates of them(they appear to be invisible in Entity's BSP veiwer.):thumbdown:

    NOTE: there are two gates on each side of the map, im hoping each gate has its own control or whatever(open seperately) just like in containment.

    Thanks everyone who helped me with my previous threads! I try to make sure I can find what I need before posting here. I think halomods is down or something.:.(
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    I always get mixed up with these too, but by looking at Containment, make sure you have the following:

    Under the SCNR tag:
    * you will need to have two POWER GROUP chunks.
    * it should have two machines for each base (one gate & one switch)
    * you will need two controls

    Also, don't forget to transfer the CTRL tags over as well.

    Your controls & two machines all should be linked to one of the POWER GROUPS under POWER GROUP CHUNK #.

    Also, I think that in my original SCNR meta they had two of the options mixed up (Source & BSP Policy). I recommend editing the SCNR.ENT file in the plugins folder and swapping these two around like so (don't forget to change the offset as well as cutting/pasting in the right order):

    <enum16 name="BSP Policy" offset="48" visible="True">
    <option name="Default" value="0" />
    <option name="Always Places" value="1" />
    <option name="Manual BSP Placement" value="2" />
    <enum16 name="Source" offset="50" visible="True" />
    Then make sure that the BSP Policy is set to "Default" or try "Always Places" if that still doesn't work.
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