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Hello all,
Twink nation here, we are currently in search for another brilliant mind to fill the shoes of our dev that had to leave due to college.
We would love a Game Dev to join the team and see a server get better and better. We are very unique in the ways of how we implement our content. One big thing I would love to stress is that we work as a team. No one barks orders, but we put our heads together to come up with the best decision at that very moment in time.

We do run on cMangos Zero, patch 1.12.1

Know C++, LUA is a plus ( although we have an absolutely amazing LUA dev, but more the marrier. )

There's no reason for an application. You can do it or you can't, wether you're fast or slow. As long as you show progress everyone's happy! We have a lot of heart put into this project, and we would love someone to add on to it with us and become part of the team! The list of bugs that need fixed isn't that big or complicated. But we would love someone that wants to be apart of a unique community/server.
We will also talk about server statistics ect if you are interested. Just know we very much so have the potential to become the best server of our genre which is an extremely big deal.

Website: TwinkNation.org

Please contact me through private message or Skype: jbrooks1192 thank you guys so much!

I know we don't usually post on here, but we've heard there are some good devs that roam on the Se7ensins forums. We would like to snag one of you!

-Twink Nation
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