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[Legit] S7 4v4 Tournament

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: MW2 Boosting & Matches' started by OperatingSystem, Feb 6, 2010 with 1 replies and 205 views.

  1. OperatingSystem

    OperatingSystem Enthusiast

    S7 4v4 Tournament

    Title Says it All. I will be hosting a MW2 4v4 Tournament. The Tournament will be best out of 3 on 3 different Maps. Which ever Team Wins this Bracket Style Tournament Will Receive A 1 Month Subscription Of Xbox LIVE And 1600 Microsoft Points for Each Player.

    MUST Speak English
    NO Cheating(Bridge Host, Standby,"Host Boot")
    If there is Technical Difficulties With Either Network Or Xbox[​IMG] Problems The Game Will Restart.

    To Be Apart Of this Tournament Please Fill Out This Registration.

    Team Name:




    Prestige's & Level's:

    Agree To The Rules(Yes or No):


    You Will Get A Invite from A Brown Note AK

    Good Luck

  2. xHMBioHazarDx

    xHMBioHazarDx Enthusiast

    Re: S7 4v4 Tournament

    hardcore or reg?

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