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It really depends on your playstyle man.

I've played the game for just over 24 hours and I've came up against a deathclaw, 1 or 2 legendary creatures at most and I went to fight that swan boss. But if you're focused on finding legendary weapons you should be able to get some tips using Reddit/Google.
I tried finding vault 81 and the information i read led me to the very most south west part of the map. Let me just say it was terrifying and i lived.


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Pray and Spray best weapon in the game by far, I'm level 54 atm and still using this , there hasn't been anything so far I havnt been able to bring down with it, from Death claws and Behemoths to BOS aircraft. If you have it and your not using it you should be. (Geared my perks to Auto weapons) I only carry 3 weapons now, Pray and Spray, .50cal Supressed Sniper with Recon scope and a Quad barrel rocket launcher.
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