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Leaks show iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s in economic version

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Already with the KeyNote just around the corner, where he spoke of the iPhone next October 4. Do not stop coming leaks where it looks to be an iPhone 5, confirming rumors that have been saying for months that there will be a new iPhone and not just be small changes to turn the iPhone 4S. A continuations I leave a picture clearly showing that it appears the iPhone article 5 in the database of electronic stores "RadioShack", which also can see is that the models are only 16 and 32 Gb which could mean that there will be 5 of 64 Gb iPhone

So much for rumors of an iPhone out of 5 seem to be confirmed, and thinking a bit about the competition is tougher than ever especially with Apple smartphones with Android. Apple has a greater obligation on iDevice constantly be improving star to not be below the competition. Because it is very difficult to be struggling with the vast range of equipment with Android just a model of iPhone, many analysts believe that this is the right time for Apple to sell iPhone two models to cover more markets. This rumor has been around almost since he left the iPhone, but now seems to have more foundations. A few days ago came the photos of a new iPhone in Brazil with code N90A, which is supposedly an iPhone 4S having only little improvement in iPhone hardware compared to 4, taking the A5 processor and a better camera. This would be the iPhone 4s economy version of iPhone and starting with a capacity of 8 GB Here I leave an image on the assumption iPhone 4s.

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