Late night bridging!

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  1. mattystaysfresh

    mattystaysfresh Newbie

    Goin' on right now!

    User: Mattystaysfresh
    XBL Tag: rockthefranz

    Got everything set up for a late night on for a while. Down for legit, host quit, standby, etc. I should probably mention that with my connection, I bridge Wingman's in less than a minute.

    Hit me up here or on XBL! :w00t:
  2. Nubble

    Nubble Getting There

    Hey, since you are currently looking for players to boost with, I recommend you see Official Boosting Thread. This thread is designed to help Sinners find fellow members to play with. In this thread you will find the times, dates, and gametypes that other members play. I suggest that you add your information as well.

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    Thank you.

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