Laptop ram Double Check

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  1. Scare Croe

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    Hey guys I am gonna add some ram for my laptop to the list on Newegg, but I waswnt 100% sure on the Type of ram Im getting (let alone all the Tech specs). So I was hoping one (or a few) of you guys could make sure Im not gonna buy inpropper ram.
    I have a "Toshiba Satelite A135-S2426" with 2 512mb sticks in it and I was looking at this ram here [Click here to view the link]. the main concern is that I dont know how many pins are on my ram and I wont know unless I take a stick out and Count, and I dont really wanna do that, lol. So any feedback would be great and, as always, if you find a better deal let me know.:smile:

  2. Chotton

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    I actually have a Toshiba Satellite A105 - S2101. If I were you, I would go with this: [Click here to view the link] Seems like the best deal they have and its 4GB for 40 bucks.