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    Like most FPS games, the issues that are there in all online multiplayer games are also plaguing Overwatch lag and high ping being the worst. As the game rose in popularity, the lag issues got worse and worse. The actual experience is a mixed bag and not all player face the same problems.

    Some players face little to no lag issues because of their geographic location being closer to the game's servers, their ISP being optimized for the game and their PC's software and hardware being completely optimized and updated to play Overwatch. Others are not so lucky.

    Others live far away from game servers (often in other countries and even continents away) with poorly optimized ISPs and out of date software and lose cables. While the local issues are easier to solve by yourself, for others you need a bit of help.

    If you find yourself suffering from lag and high ping problems then you should read this Overwatch lag guide as it can be a quite helpful for you. Hope it helps you out :smile:

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