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Cameron Smithe

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Hello, I am new to modded consoles and have a few questions.

Can you use your KV that comes with your Xbox? Please explain if it's yes.
For stealth servers when it says your KV lifetime is, for example, a month, will this allow you to just delete your stealth server and rebuy it again?
Do KVs last forever?


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Okay so

You can use your kv that comes in your xbox but I do not recommend doing that because if you get banned you will not be able to ever use the retail side online again if you dual nand it.

KVs do not last forever and the average for free/cheap servers lasting is anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, yet the service NiNJA is the only service that has a KV life that has been proven to last over 2 years.

What servers are saying when talking about kv life is how long they have said the kv will last on that server, sometimes services lie about their kv life so be careful when taking peoples word for this.

If your kv gets banned then go and purchase a new kv then place it on the root of your hard drive and make sure it is named kv.bin then what ever server you are using will flash the kv to your nand and un-ban your console.

Hopefully this has helped answer some of your questions and let me know if you have any more :smile:
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