KUF: Circle of Doom HELP?!

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  1. ShadowSWC

    ShadowSWC Newbie

    Ok so I was playing KUF: Circle of doom a while back with some other weirdo at Level 120!
    And when he killed monsters the gold drops were like 2107836849021 I don't know exactly but a lot, so I thought hmm I'll pick it up so won't have anymore worries about money in the game.
    It turned out that I have that amount of money now but then negative with a ' - ' in front of it.

    So now I want to ask how I can mod my character savegame to have normal money again...
    Because I can't buy anything anymore :frown:

    What file do I need to open, and what do I need to look for using a hexeditor when I have that file opened?

    I already looked through this thread...
    But I have no idea which file to open from which specific folder.

    Some info about my setup...
    KUF: Circle of Doom - Recently updated, got some DLC, and it's PAL EU
    Datel HDD Transfer Kit
    Xplorer 360 Xtreme 2
    And I use XVI32 as Hex Editor (Freeware)

    Thanks in advance, I hope someone can help me...
    Greets, Shad

    This is the folder structure I am looking at...

    Partition 3

    And in 00004000 are two things, one file with a long code, and above a folder with the same codename as that file but with '.data' behind it, and both starting with an 'A'.

    And in 00000002 are two files of 56 kb both with long codenames similar to the other two no folders here...

    Sorry for double post

    EDIT 2: Ok I have found the file backupped it, and changed the amount of money using Neo Hex Editor, I saved the filed and replaced it with the one from my XBOX 360 HDD now when I go to continue, at the loading screen the game freezes!

    I have done exactly the same as in the tutorials. Could it be a patch or update screwing my hacking possibilities?!

    Or maybe even my downloaded DLC? :.(
  2. S7_KUF

    S7_KUF Enthusiast

    Ok you need to know this game you can't have money over 2147483647 gold If you have it over 2147483647 your money it negative [ - ].Now you must to pick money so munch for confute your money back.
    PS If you have change all everything to your save you must to open your save to modio or concept and Rehash/Resign
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  3. OP

    ShadowSWC Newbie

    Ooooooohhh I didn't know that, that you have to Rehash/Resign for savegames too! xD
    Gonna try it out hope it works...

    Woohoo it works, thanks a lot! :biggrin:

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