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    I'm not sure is I should post this or not, but whatever......

    Every iPod has a killswitch, even iPhone.

    All this does is force the iPod/iPhone/iTouch into recovery mode, no matter what!

    What can you do with killswitch?

    1.) I'm not telling you to do this.... but.... If you happend to steal a iPhone or iTouch with a passcode on it and don't know what is you could get passed it.

    2.) Let's say you mess up your iPhone/itouch and it won't boot up or it just won't show up in iTunes.

    3.) You don't want to pay for an upgrade but still want it.

    Killswitch will delete your songs.

    How to killswitch.

    1.) Turn off iPhone/iPod touch.

    2.) Once it's fully powered down hold down home and plug in the USB sync cord.

    3.) The iPhone/itouch is now in recovery mode open up iTunes and let it take of the rest.

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Thread Status:
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