Patched Kill while diving


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I know it's a bit late to be posting Black Ops 2 glitches since Black Ops 3 is out but I'm just gonna post it.
This glitch allows you to use weapons and equipments while dolphin diving. Shooting a weapon works but it can be difficult to get accurate as it only shoots at a certain moment so I recommend using equipment like combat axe. What you require are:
-Bolt action/Pump action gun. For example: Ballista.
-Equipment for a kill.
-First go to a high place (this is not compulsory however it makes the glitch look better).
-Shoot your weapon (I chose DSR 50 as it has a slow fire rate).
-Start running towards the part you're jumping off of about half a second after you shot.
-Dolphin dive while the gun gets the next bullet ready.
-While dolphin diving you are able to use equipment or your weapon.
-I only tested this with DSR 50 as I currently am being distracted by Black Ops 3.
-Equpment use is highly recommended.
-Tested on PS3.
-The animation is only visible well in 3rd person. It is not very helpful for final killcams.
Have fun with the new and easy alternative to trickshotting!
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