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I know theres been posts like this in the past, and I've read a lot of them, but still wanting some opinions. So I've been a console player my whole life (20+ years), gotten extremely comfortable with controller sensitivity on high or maxed out, mainly playing FPS and rocket league. Still going to continue using controller for rl, but obviously trying to transition to KBM for FPS as I know once you pick it up it is advantageous.

I've been trying out KBM for FPS recently, I know its going to be a learning curve with no misclicks and stuff like that, but just in general I'm finding WASD movements very awkward. Probably just because I'm used to joystick but how do you guys manage just 4 directions, like are you usually walking forward while also strafing left or right, or do you move in snake (the mobile game) like boxy motions. Also, after doing some research I've noticed some people (especially ex-console players) adapt to using a gamepad/keypad for their left hand instead of regular WASD. I do see how this could help a bit as it would only require the left thumb for movement (similar to console) and free up other fingers for other commands, just wanting to know the consensus on those, because I haven't really seen a lot of players (such as pro players, or even regular pc ones for that matter) using these devices.

Regarding the mouse, what recommendations do you guys have for mouse sensitivity. From what I've read, everyone's said start with lower, or a certain DPI value. So first, I know this is a noob question, but when I go to mouse settings there isn't a numerical value I can choose from, just a gradient from slow to fast, so not even sure how to adjust my DPI to a certain value, is that just because my mouse doesn't support such adjustments? I have turned off "enhance pointer precision" though, which a lot of people recommended for FPS. Also whats an ideal sensitivity in regards to mousepad size, like how much I should be moving my mouse for the character in game to be doing a full 360, I've read somewhere that should be around the full size of your mousepad. Finally, how do you guys deal with having to lift your mouse and re-center it, this is something thats unavoidable right? Or am I doing something wrong? Once you've moved/looked around a certain amount the mouse always ends up near one end of my mousepad (which is like medium size I'd say) then I have to lift it to re-center, is there a way around that or do you just get used to doing it and become quicker?

Lastly, regarding nvidia. For playing FPS is there any settings I should be changing for optimal gameplay (mainly PvP)?

Sorry for the long post these are things I just need explained so that my transition can go a bit smoother, I really am loving PC gaming otherwise though, just wish I started off playing this way lol.


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I've been mostly a console guy over the years and only got into what I call "modern" PC gaming the last 5-6 years and I still haven't embraced KBM fully except for certain types of games. KBM is more accurate for games like FPS yes, but what matters more is what you yourself are more comfortable with. I'm one to go to for advice though I admit as I'm not a huge FPS guy anyway. Mouse sensitivity and button mapping is just something you have to mess about with untill you find what works for you. Mouse devices, in game settings and OS setting can differ, so you just have to mess around and be patient.

For FPS games, you want it run smooth with a high, stable frame rate, so depending on what kind of rig you have, you may have to sacrifice some graphical fidelity. You can adjust these settings in game, you don't need to used Nvidia's software, but that will provide tools to show how a game is running.

Hope that was helpful.
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