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Just getting started.

Discussion in 'Halo 1 and PC Modding' started by nomissivraj, Feb 4, 2010 with 2 replies and 720 views.

  1. nomissivraj

    nomissivraj Newbie

    Okay so im new to all this. I decided i would like to get into modding and i want to start with halo i have realized that se7ensins seems like the best place to go for this... so here i am.

    I need help with some things...

    First of all could you guys point me to the correct version of Halo pc that i will need so that i can play online and i can mod without issue. (i heard about halo CE having 'gathering exeption data' crashes caused by mods and would like to avoid this)

    Also i would like to know the best tools for modding and avoiding any crashes.
  2. x sLeAzY E x

    x sLeAzY E x Newbie

  3. GreaterThan9000

    GreaterThan9000 Enthusiast

    ill help u out when i get to my home cpu, i started modding with halo pc. you can do some crazy stuff.
    ex: replace shotgun bullets with rockets, to create a shotgun rocketlauncher (online play is crazy!!!)
    make the rocket launcher shoot as fast as the AR(kinda lags up ur cpu but still fun)
    Semi-auto/automatic sniper rifle that is 100% accurate and has infinite zoom (i stick to 64x as a max but whatever)
    make the warthog turret shoot hundreds of bullets a second (destroys the tank instantly)
    mod anything for campaign like spiderman mod (climb walls) the hulk mod (SUPER JUMP) change any values for any ammo count, make yourself invincible, take over enemy bodies (a favorite), PAUSE TIME!!!!!!!, flying warthog, change/edit skins of enemies vehicles weapons and master chief, infinite ammo, no reload.
    those are the basic mod/hacks ive found myself or on the internet. ill give you some links soon, just make sure to BACK UP ALL THE MAP FILES SOMEWHERE SAFE!!!!! otherwise that map is ruined, and you will have to download it again...

    some other tips:
    -dont put numbers too high for jump otherwise you will literally jump out of the map and die whenever you jump... you jump soo fast you break the boundaries on the game...
    -dont over do it on the explosives, your computer has to animate every bullet, explosion, particle, etc... and making the bullets/explosives shoot excessively fast will lag up your cpu.
    -if you have extremely fast shooting guns, dont shoot into the sky, it will drop the framerate waaaaaaaay down (my new laptop got down to less than 1 frame per second)
    -try not to use super modded maps online, it is fun at first, but instant kills get annoying, and the rapid fire rocket launcher will lag everything up.
    -make sure you know what you are doing when you edit the warthog's gravity when you are trying to make it fly, just exchange values with the banshee using a program (i dont remember where it is, if i find it, ill give you the link)
    there are alot of essential programs for halo modding, ill try to give you links and names to what i can.
    i should be able to get you the tools on saturday, but no promises)

    Here is the halo mapping tool (EXCELLENT TOOL, ESSENTIAL)

    you have to have an unpacking program, so use 7zip to unpack it

    then the halo hacker tool

    here is a simple tut:
    Projectile Swapping

    1. Scroll up until you find a line of text that says, [proj] Projectile (21 items).
    2. Double click on this and scroll down until you see a line of text that says, Weapons/shotgun/pellet.
    3. Click once on this text.
    4. Go to the top of the screen where you should see some text and drop-down boxes, under text that says, Tag Editor.
    5. Click the button that says Swap. It will open up a window at the same place.
    6. Scroll down until you find text with a bunch of numbers and letters that says Vehicles/scorpion/tank shell.
    7. Double-click on this text, and return back to the projectile box.
    8. Hit the button that says Save and you have made your first mod.
    google some programs, and download what you think you could use, i never used an aimbot but they are out there.

    if you randomly get kicked out of a game and it says "gathering exception data" just delete or manually restore what you edited.


    I can give you a link to a cracked no-key needed version of halo, so that all the files are on your cpu. it works for me :biggrin:

    if you have any questions just ask
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