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    For the record, I'm not a little kid who knows nothing about modding. For the most part, I do believe COD 4 modding is done. So here's my thought. I see that everyone who knows about the patch are insisting the console commands were actually deleted from the xex. I believe they're just blocked. The game was ported from pc to other consoles thus leaving commands in. The whole game runs on commands located in configs and what not. So in theory, all the commands could have not been deleted. The game still needs to know what perk variables, and other variables. So if this was the case then you could use perk mods. But we have seen this is not the case. No modding has been done. So the only other explanation would be that they're blocked. I honestly think that IW just put this command in for the host automatically "sv_cheats 0" so that way cheats are disabled automatically. Just something I felt like sharing. If you insist you know what the patched actually did, feel free to correct me. I'm just wondering how the patch actually works. No need for flaming. Close post if needed to.

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