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    Hey guys I've been searching and reading for about 4 hours and I still can't figure out what to do here. I tried to search the forums for what I need but I honestly am not even sure what I need. I searched for a wiki or tutorial but they are all short and don't explain anything.

    All I want to do is get supply drops in CoDAW. I don't want aimbot or God mode or anything like that. Just a way to get advanced/supply drops. I've been googling and youtubing for a while now but i can't find anything that tells me if I can even do this, or how to do it.
    All the videos I saw were just of wall hacks and then a download link. No actual instructions. Some of the other ones I found had updates saying "antiban has been patched". Does that mean it no longer works? Or has just been patched by the modder? I'm pretty lost..

    So I'm just hoping someone can help guide me to a walk through that can maybe help me snag some supply drops. I'm on the latest rebug playing online COD AW.

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