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Unsolved JTAG with LPT

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Stefan Fredin

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I'm cheap, I refuse to pay more than I have to.
I have everything I need for jtagging 360s via LPT.

Right now I'm considering making a custom PCB where I can solder the required wires to, without worrying about the switching diodes and resistors, they'll be on the board.

A problem though...
The required switching diodes and some times even the resistors vary between posts.

Is there a definite answer to where diodes shall be and which resistors where? I know it differs between models of the 360, that I will handle with the PCB. But the answer when a nand dump dont work is often "try without that diode" and so on.

I haven't been in the 360 game for many years, so I apologize of the answer can somehow be found online..

Is my idea possible or are the 360's to varied and unreliable?

I want the PCB for my own use, since I have several people asking me to help them. If they work well I'll release the files needed to print your own.
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