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Tutorial Jtag/RGH | How to get free DLC



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Disclaimer: This only works on Jtags/RGHs (Modified Consoles)

Installing DLC:

So there are multiple ways to do this:

  • FTP
  • Flash drive
  • Flash drive (xbox formatted)
If you don't have an FTP set-up for you xbox doing it with a Flash drive is really simple

Here's a good site to get your DLC from. Xbox360Iso

Flash drive

Thing you need:

  • Flash drive (size isn't important)
  • File manager on your xbox (ethier FSD File manager or XeX Menu)
  • DLC
1. Download your DLC, when you extract it (if needed) you will get a file with a lot of digits

2. So put this file on your USB drive and plug-in your USB drive into your console

3. Open you file manager, navigate to your USB drive

4. Copy that big file

5. Now go to
HDD:Content0000000000000000<GAME TITLE ID FOLDER>
If you don't know your Game Title Id go check the the ABGX database
If you don't have 00000002 in there make one

6. Put the file in the 00000002 folder

Your final folder structure should look like this
HDD:Content0000000000000000<GAME TITLE ID FOLDER>00000002<DLC FILE HERE>

Flash drive xbox formatted

Things you need:

  • USB drive (over 1gb)
  • DLC
1. Format your USB drive with Xbox

  • Plug a USB flash drive into a USB port on the front of your console
  • Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and then select System Settings
  • Select Storage or Memory
  • Select USB Storage Device

5. Select Configure Now and confirm that you want to erase all data on the USB flash drive.
2. Open your flash drive with Horizon
3. Drag & Drop the DLC file in the Horizon explorer (It will auto transfer it)
4. Go to your Xbox
5. Navigate to your System Setting > Storage > USB Storage Device > Games And Apps
6. Copy the DLC to your HDD


So your DLC's are not working, then there are three main reasons why:

  • DLC is NOT unlocked
  • Incorrect or non-existent Title Update (aka TU)

Big thank you to JPrizzle for giving me permission to share his tutorial :smile:

I hope this tutorial helped in anyway or help with any problems you might of been having with getting free DLC.

- Avii8
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Are there any other websites to download dlc for jtag xbox 360? This one doesn't seem to work anymore

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Are there any other websites to download dlc for jtag xbox 360? This one doesn't seem to work anymore
pirate bay,1337x is your best bet
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