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Tutorial [JTAG] How to Put Multiple Mw2 Patches On a Usb [Pictures!]


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How to Put Multiple Mw2 Patches On a Usb​

Very Easy to Follow 6 Easy Steps​

This tutorial will teach you how to place multiple patch_mp.ff files onto one usb storage device! In only 6 easy steps you can switch out patches in less than a minute and get right back to hosting!​

Usb with just a little space
Working computer with a usb port
XeX Menu

Step 1

Download as many patches as you want from this topic CLICK HERE FOR LINK

Step 2​

Find all the patches you downloaded and place them on your desktop. Some files might be in a .rar file. If the patch_mp.ff file is in a .rar folder extract the patch to the desktop. When putting multiple patches on the desktop they will rename to patch_mp.ff 2. That is ok for now remember which patch is which!​

Step 3

Plug you usb into your computer. Open the usb up. Make a new folder inside the usb called Patches. Now what ever your first patch you put in there is going to determine the next folders name. Say you place the patch for your regular 10th prestige lobbys you can call that folder 10th lobby. If you put in a zombies patch you would call that folder zombies.(Sometimes when you open your usb it will have a folder called xbox360 ignore that!)
On the left you see my usb with the folder patches. On the right you see i double clicked the folder patches and made a new folder named 10th Lobby.

Step 4​

Now open the folder named 10th Lobby or whatever you called the second folder and drag and drop the patch that corresponds to the title. So if the folder is named 10th Lobby drag that patch that has to do with the 10th lobby. All the patch files should be around 240kb's.

Step 5​

Now repeat steps 3 to 4 but now as you make the new folder and put the next patch_mp.ff file in there will be a umber after it(Ex. patch_mp.ff 2) rename the file and take out the number so now the file will be called patch_mp.ff. If you do not do this the patch file will not work! Here is a picture of the final result on the computer.

Step 6​

Now unplug your usb from your computer and plug it into one of the front usb ports on your JTAG. Open up xexmenu and press X on your xbox360 controller. Click on the usb with the patch files in it. There you go you will see all the folders and patch files! Congrats your done! PICTURES COMING SOON!

em for mikey for the post with all the patches
Me! MoDz 4 MoDz​

Any questions at all feel free to pm me or post a reply here and it will be answer very quickly!​


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I found this a long time ago. I classify it into category's like "Fun Patch's, 10th Patch's, System Link Patch's". But I guess you posted first. I just thought everyone already knew this.


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Seriously, You don't even tell them how to transfer in XexMenu.

Dragging & Dropping the files is quite obvious and doesn't need a tutorial, It needs info on button commands in XexMenu for people to know how to transfer and overwrite the actual patch in their MW2 directory.


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Uhm... all I have to say is FLASH FXP :smile:
who uses usb drives.. c'mon.

em for mikey

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iv'e said this before the guy is trying to help out dont discourage him, maybe you guys know how to do this but i can guarantee there is somebody that doesn't know how, and this could help them, maybe not you but im sure it will help somebody.


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really guys i know everyone knows how to do this i just wanted to make my first tut....
[JTAG] How to open a patch [Pictures!]
No more needing to beg people to make you a patch!

1. Open up ffviewer

2. Click File, then click open Fastfile.(or press ctrl+o on keyboard)

3. Select patch and click Open.

I just wanted to be first. LOL


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not exactly bringing down the community just like cmon i just made this in my spare time and its my 1st tut lighten up
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