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Solved Jtag help. cant create image. cd5770

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ricky price

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I have looked around the forums to see if i could find anyone else with my problem but could not find anything.

I have a jasper console with the dash 6717. I have been following the tutorial on this website in the link below.


everything has been going pretty well, making my own lpt cable went smoothly, dumping of nand went well, first 2 reads were a match, I had to download the dash version 16203 as it would not appear when checked also had to manually place the files in the J-Runner folder, then it was fine from here doing the falcon hack aud clamp via cmd, soldered the chips to the motherboard, then connected the xbox up and it booted xell reloaded screen, got to my cpu key and typed it in j-runner and was a match.
The problem I am having is creating an image now and cant seem to get it to work, i get this below:

****could not read cb_5770.bin(-1)****
*********ERROR:critical bootloader files are missing, cannot proceed!

*****FATAL BUILD ERROR:-1 unable to complete NAND image

xebuild finished. have a nice day.

I cant get this part to work.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.

Also my CB is 5770 which by the tutorial shows it is exploitable.
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