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Unsolved Jtag Fallout New Vegas modding(please help)



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After taking a a long break from my rgh, I am now ready to get back into it. One thing I could never figure out was how to get the archive invalidation validated patch on my console specifically for fallout new Vegas. I understand how it works and that I’m probably going to have to modify the launch ini for new Vegas and do a good old fashion manual install. But honestly I don’t know where to start. Like will I have to convert the patch itself into dlc or am I able to just get right up in the files with the latest version without converting anything. I have a few more questions regarding this patch specifically but before I ask anymore questions I want to see if anyone who is knowledgable about archive invalidation validated. Modding this game is extremely limited and honestly boring without that patch. I haven’t been able to find a single tutorial however I’ve seen people with project NV on their rgh on YouTube videos. Any help/info is very much appreciated:smile:
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