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Unsolved jtag box art and dashlaunch...????

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ok guys first off thanks for stopping by. i've looked around google..youtube and others for answers but none of them really answer my questions so thats why i decided to post here. I have a jtag with FSD 2.0b Rev 2342 running kernel 12611. Now i dont have dashlaunch installed because for the life of me it just didnt work as it supposed to work...i edited the .ini file, copied to xbox HDD and nothing...i mus of done it 50 times with different variations but nothing seemed to work so i kinda game up on having dashlaunch, if anyone has any suggestions please im more than welcome to listen....another problem is my box art....its wired to the internet not wireless....at first it automatically downloaded the box art and now everything is gone...i have an account with jqe360 to install box art but nothing seems to work...not even the weather on FSD works anymore.....can anyone help me out with these problems??? thank you so much for reading this.
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