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Join me today. I'm declaring war on EA's FIFA!

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Steve Hyuga

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I've been playing Fifa for over two and a half years. I have owned Fifa 12 and Fifa 14. I was regularly on the Top 100 Seasons leaderboards on Fifa 12. 3 months after buying Fifa 14 (which was around 10 months ago) I discovered that little thing called FUT and I've never looked back. I currently own an all TotY/TotS team valued at over 100 million coins at current market price. I've never bought a pack using coins or points and I've never bought coins or players using real money. I acquired the team entirely by trading.

And after over 5000 games, 150 Seasons titles and a 2 to 1 win to lose ratio spread over 1500 games in FUT, my impression of the game has never changed.


The entire franchise is fundamentally flawed from the development stage all the way to the customer support because EA is doing what EA always does. Work for itself instead of its customers. We are the ones that have to tolerate all the bulls*** it does because of its retarded company vision, its overwhelming lack of interest in what its customers think and its abhorrent incompetence to give us a genuinely worthwhile experience that satisfies us instead of frustrating us over and over again. And in consideration of all of this I have made a decision.

Now, when some people get to where I am right now, they typically either stop playing the game, defect to PES or just keep playing the damn thing (because at the end of the day, something is better than nothing). But me, I'm a little different. I'm not sure how many of you have gotten to this point but what I want is VENGEANCE! I want REVENGE! I want EA to experience the pain and suffering I've had to endure every time I lose a game because of their damn bulls***.

However, since EA is not a person, I'm going to have to do the only thing that will actually make them twitch in agony:

I'm going after their money!

And in order to accomplish that I will have to do something no one has attempted before. I'm going to create the best soccer simulation game ever to grace any platform.

For the past few weeks I have been redesigning and reconceptualizing the entire Ultimate Team experience. I've reworked everything from gameplay (A.I., handicap, refereeing), to player acquisition (packs, transfer market, championships), to servers (DNF's, unrecorded results, lag). Nearly everything is getting an overhaul. My goal for 3 years from now is to steal anywhere from one third to one half of Fifa's global market share and the only way I can do that is by creating a game that has what everyone loves about soccer simulation with none of EA's bulls***. An option that genuinely allows you to play and win on your own terms. With no artificial gameplay limits, no retarded A.I. and no **** servers. In other words, a game created by players, for players. No shareholders to worry about, no profit to care for. So what I'm saying is that if making and maintaining the best possible soccer simulation experience means the game never makes a profit then it'll never make a profit (not to be confused with making a loss)

But in order to accomplish that I'm going to need an army of passionate people that love soccer simulation and that want EA's Fifa to burn just as badly as I do. So if you love virtual soccer but hate that piece of garbage EA has shoved down your throat for years and years WAKE UP! The time for payback has come. The time to avenge the promotions you didn't get because of bad servers, the players you lost because of stuck piles, the money you wasted buying endless packs of garbage cards and the controllers, flat screens, furniture and walls you have destroyed just because you just can't take the bulls*** anymore. Today is the day it begins, today is the day we fight back. Join me in this endeavor and reclaim your sanity, your dignity and your love for virtual soccer.

So to all those that have already given up hope, don't! I will need massive amounts of help and everyone's input and assistance is going to be necessary. It's going to take lots of money, lots of time and lots of brains to pull this off, so if this manifesto speaks to you, hang in there!

And if you are one of those people that genuinely believe Fifa is a good or even a decent game, OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Go look in the mirror. Years of years of having to keep up with EA's bulls*** have made you numb to the fact that... YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED! A good game doesn't frustrate you the way Fifa does. A good game doesn't prevent you from winning because of made believe rules that have nothing to do with realism and everything to do with taking more money from you. A good game doesn't make you lose because of faults within the games own parameters. And for ****s sake a good game doesn't record a defeat and then blame YOU, right after you won the match you needed to get a promotion (specially when it was the last match of the season). With that being said, it's up to you to continue being in denial state or not.

Now, if you are one of those people that is wondering what can you do to help, I appreciate it. For the next couple of weeks my two primary goals are to assemble the core team and to get some non-game development related assistance I will be needing in order to plan my next move and start spreading the word about the project.

To elaborate a little on both goals, the core team will be the group of people that want to be fully involved from the ground up and will be willing to assist me with their resources, time and expertise to advance this project as quickly and efficiently as possible. So if you feel this is something you want to be a part of or just want to see Fifa burn (or both) send me an email to steve.hyuga(at)outlook(dot)com with some information on yourself and what you can bring to the table and I'll get back to you to discuss your involvement.

As for the second goal, I'm looking for expert help in the following fields


Lawyer from U.K. To explain U.K. licensing and I.P. laws related to Fifa and football clubs.
Lawyer from Germany. To explain german licensing and I.P. laws related to Fifa and football clubs.
European lawyers from any country where Fifa has a licensed league. To find out what are the licensing agreements and costs of acquiring the football league(s) license.

Note: I'm giving special attention to Germany and the U.K. primarily because that's where EA has exclusive league licenses.

Servers expert. From what I recall, Fifa has at least a couple mayor server related issues which would be unrecorded games and bots. I need as much information as possible on what exactly are the issues on both fronts in order to create solutions for them (presuming its not merely an implementation fix which I wouldn't be surprised at all considering EA's track record)


Kickass Video Maker. I intend to make video advertising the primary form of spreading the word about the project (An important part of the marketing campaign I've developed to promote it utilizes video) so I'm looking for a creative and talented video maker to handle that part.

And to everyone else:

If you don't have any of the skills I specified but want to help, just send me an email to steve.hyuga(at)outlook(dot)com letting me know what you can do (no matter how small it may seem) and I'll get back to you. As I said, it's going to take an army to pull this off and you'll never know how you can be useful unless you get in touch. I just need you to let me know if you are offering to volunteer or you would like to be a part of the core team.

Overall, Fifa is the best selling sports franchise in the world and makes EA a profit of over $500 million per year between game sales and digital content according to the small amount of information available online on the subject. Despite that, year after year they sell us the exact same half baked, bug-filled, frustration guaranteed, piece of garbage their flashy ads filled with false advertising convince us to buy. I'm willing to take them on and I know I can beat them but it's not something I can do alone. Whose with me?

I'll be answering questions now.


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