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Jailbreak iPod and iPhone 3.1.2 - TUTORIAL

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Ronald Coleman

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Very simple process, please note this is tethered for iPod 3g users
Make sure you have the 3.1.2 Firmware, if not use a more stable program (older programs)
1. Ok first go to this link and download BlackRa1n
2. Plug in your device to your computer, and close iTunes if it opens
3. Then with your device still on, open BlackRa1n and click "Make it Ra1n"
4. Allow your device to jailbreak and reboot
5. When done rebooting, simply unlock your device, find the new BlackRa1n application and open it
6. (Must be on Wifi) Download Cydia or Rock (DO NOT INSTALL BOTH AT SAME TIME)
7. Have fun with your Jailbroken device.
It is actually much more simple than i made it, i just explained everything, including the self explanatory steps
Also if you have any questions, post here and i will answer them to my best ability!

By the way as far as i know there is no jailbreak for the newest firmware (3.1.3)
Raisin RRR

Raisin RRR

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Whenever i try to do it i get an error message saying " A problem caused the program to stop... Etc" The only option to click after that comes up is close program. Help ? please.

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