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Unsolved J-R Programmer V2 blinking LEDs help



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Help with JR Programmer v2

So I bought a JR Programmer and soldered the wires into my Trinity, and for a while, it was working fine, I installed the drivers and had JRunner working and got my NAND read just fine, but after that, it just kinda stopped working, and now when I plug the Xbox in, both LEDs on the programmer start rapidly flashing. I've tried different Mini-USB cables, I've flipped all the switches correctly, and have hit the little reset button too, and I've also redone all the soldering multiple times. Without it, the console still boots retail. The device no longer shows up in my PCs device manager, and JRunner doesn't see it either. When I switch it into bootloader mode, neither of the LEDs come on at all. I'm kind of at a loss right now, and was hoping to get some community help before I rule this thing out as busted. It seems I can't find any examples online of this happening to anyone else, or at least nobody has reported anything like this. Thanks in advance.
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